Granite Countertops – Think Outside the Kitchen

When most people hear the words ‘granite countertops’ they instantly think of kitchens. While granite countertops are perfect for kitchens, granite’s value and appeal reaches far beyond.

Because of granite’s beauty and lasting durability, it is no surprise that homeowners are taking advantage of it in outdoor areas, laundry and mud rooms, basements and more.

Here are a few ideas for incorporating granite countertops outside of the kitchen:

Laundry Rooms

Laundry rooms no longer meet the typical description of small, messy rooms located in basements. Current trends see homeowners transforming them into more luxurious, functional areas and moving them to the main level of the home for ease of use. Along with new appliances and larger spaces, homeowners are installing granite countertops to create durable work spaces. Granite can handle the wear granite countertops   and tear of a high-traffic laundry room, and adds a bit of useable sophistication to a previously under-utilized room.

Mud Rooms

Whether unloading items after a long day, shedding dirty sports apparel, suiting up for the outdoors or washing the family dog, today’s hectic lifestyles have prompted an increase in the need for mud rooms. Don’t let the name fool you – mud rooms need not be ugly! Mud rooms’ aesthetic appeal and functionality are easily enhanced with granite countertops, cabinetry and creative storage areas.

Outdoor Areas

Granite’s tough durability and easy maintenance requirements makes it ideal for outdoor areas. Whether you need a surface for an outdoor kitchen, bar top or seating space, granite is a natural choice. After installing and sealing granite surfaces, they easily withstand the elements and last a lifetime. Unlike several other countertop materials, granite doesn’t fade with exposure to sunlight and is resistant to staining, making it perfect for any outdoor area.


Creating a functional and appealing basement can add value to any home and maximize its usable space. This means basements are no longer just an after-thought when it comes to décor. Whether building a home theatre, game room, general entertainment area or extra bedroom and living space, granite countertops can improve the appeal of your basement. Some possibilities for using granite include surfaces for kitchen or bar areas, island dividers and serving areas.

Other Rooms

Granite is versatile enough to suit any room in your home. For instance, family rooms and dining rooms with built-in cabinets are perfectly accented with elegant granite.

Now when you think of granite, you’ll be prepared to envision it throughout your entire home. Granite’s one-of-a-kind beauty and durability makes it a wonderful material in the kitchen and beyond!

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